Product Spotlight: Square Leather Dice Rolling Trays

Tabletop gaming is a super fun pastime, and if you’ve never done it I highly recommend you give it a try! Dungeons & Dragons is one of the most well-known, but there are a lot of options out there. Once you start playing, you quickly find that there are a lot of options for gear and accessories to maximize your fun and cater your experience. One of the ones I proudly stock in my shop are custom dice rolling trays!

Here is a blue tray with one of the designs offered in my shop

The purpose of a dice rolling tray is both to protect your table surface and to keep your dice from rolling off the table. The purpose of a dice rolling tray with a custom design on it is to do both of these things as well as show everyone else at the table how cool you are, obviously. Metal and other heavy kinds of dice can be damaging for a lot of play surfaces, so a dice rolling tray allows you to use whatever awesome dice you’ve got without worry. Plus, you don’t have to hunt down or worry about any more “play it as it lies” rules for dice that stray off the table and go wandering. The trays I sell also snap at the edges so they can go flat for easy transport to and from the game. Just slip it in your backpack or bag, and you’re good!

Pairing a tray color with the perfect design material is like an art and further personalizes each piece!

In the store I offer several colors of trays as well as several different options for design color and finish so you can really get the perfect piece just for you. Most of my designs are based off the base classes in D&D 5e, though there are several options that are geared toward more generalized gaming.

But anyone who has gamed can tell you that each group has approximately 94 bajillion inside jokes, and this is why I offer custom designs. People have based them off their group motto, their favorite school of magic, classic art from a favorite campaign, and even a DM who bought custom trays for all of the players in his/her current game. The choice is yours!

All of these are custom trays that I have made for customers. Yes you can use naughty words. Swearing and gaming go together like bread and butter.

The best part of the custom trays? They don’t cost any different than regular trays! You still pick your tray and material color, then just type “custom” in the personalization box and send me a message about what you want! I will send you a mock-up before actually creating your tray to make sure it’s what you really want.

The only caution I want to mention about these dice trays is that heavy dice (such as metal) will leave small dents in the leather and the design over time. They should not be deep enough to statistically alter your dice rolls, but they will be visible so I like to make sure people know that before ordering. Consider them your dice tray’s battle scars from all the adventures you go on together!

So, what is the best BEST part about these dice rolling trays? THEY’RE ON CLEARANCE SALE! Way to bury the lead, huh? I have found a new style of dice rolling tray that I personally like better and plan to stock soon, so I am clearing out my inventory of this style and you get the benefit! These trays that usually cost $20.50 are on clearance for only $8.99. Yes, that still includes custom designs! Some colors are already sold out or low in stock, so order now before they’re all gone!

Image courtesy of The TTRPG Factory

And if you’re interested in Tapletop RPG’s, my husband runs a blog where he reviews games, books, systems, and even publishes some of his own content. Check him out at The TTRPG Factory!

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